“All this managed to prove is that you are extremely good at turning me off."

My name is Roshni. I live in Canada and fictional characters control my life. Come talk to me whenever you want to, I love meeting new people.

Witches and wizards often reveal themselves to each other in public by wearing purple or green, often in combination.  In Britain (and much of Europe) purple has an association with both royalty and religion.  Purple dyes, being costly, were once worn only by those who could afford them; bishops’ rings are traditionally set with amethysts. Green has long had a supernatural connection in the UK. Superstition says that it ought to be worn with care; the fairies are supposedly possessive of it, as it is their proper colour.  It ought never to be worn at weddings, due to a further association with misfortune and death. Green is the colour of much ‘Dark’ magic; of the ‘Dark Mark’, of the luminescent potion in which Voldemort conceals one of his Horcruxes, of many ‘Dark’ spells and curses, and of Slytherin house.  The combination of purple and green, therefore, is suggestive of both sides of magic: the noble and the ignoble, the helpful and the destructive.

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Yeah so I realized I have absolutely no idea how to make a banner. But anyways, I just reached my next thousand *crosses fingers and prays no one else unfollows me* so I decided to make a tumblr awards!!

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television challenge → lily collins: “as a little girl living in the english countryside, i used to go running around in the forests, creating my own fairy tale.” (1/5 actresses) 

"I started to be much happier in my relationships when I realized that I can only control myself. That way, you don’t worry about people and don’t waste your time thinking, ‘What if he cheats on me?’ You can’t control that." 

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Well, I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive but other than that I’m great.

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make me choose » underthewaterx asked Captain Hook or Baelfire

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I didn’t want to leave you.
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there’s always hope

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Imagine: Tris and Four have a baby boy. When he's old enough he goes with Tris to watch her train new initiates. After some time he notices something, his mom won't pick up a gun. So he asks and she says with tears in her eyes: "I just can't, Will."
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